Every year West Angeles COGIC conducts a sponsorship drive to raise funds for our college students; however, tax-deductible donations are accepted on a continuous basis as well.

To give to the West Angeles Fund Organization online, please click the DONATE button below:  


You may also submit your donation during each worship service through the month of April. Please enclose your donation in the gold envelopes provided. 

2017-2019 WASFO has awarded 64 students with $65,000 in sponsorships!

West Angeles Sponsorship Fund Organization

The West Angeles Sponsorship Fund Organization, also known as “WASFO”, was created to develop and support our high school graduates by obtaining and distributing much-needed funds for college education. Since its creation in the academic year 1995-1996, WASFO has distributed over 200 sponsorships to qualified applicants that are active members of West Angeles. Our youth are some of the brightest in the country, and for this reason, we want to help them succeed in their pursuit of higher learning.

WASFO Recipient, Christiana Davis.

To apply for a sponsorship, please visit Westa.org

Contact WASFO

For more information about the West Angeles Sponsorship Fund Organization (WASFO), please call us at:  

(323) 733-8300 x2625.